We have a unique interest in distressed operations where we can utilize our experience and industry network to create value.

Representative Investments

Investment Size

  • Typical acquisition will have $5 to $100 M in annual revenues
  • Investment range between $2 to $25 M
  • Ability to partner with other firms to access significantly larger transactions

Geographic Focus

  • Generally seek businesses that are headquartered in Canada or the United States or that maintain significant operations in North America

Investment Philosophy

Elgner Group will invest in fundamentally sound businesses that are either growing profitably or face operational, financial or business stress. We are particularly attracted to companies that offer significant opportunities to improve operating costs and markets that face substantial business change, foreign competition or industry consolidation.

We provide the capital necessary to strengthen and grow the business; we work with management to design and implement business improvement programs; and we provide the financial, strategic and operational support needed to improve profitability. Our goal in every acquisition is to build long-term enterprise value by stabilizing cash flow and improving every aspect of the companies we invest in.

Investment Criteria

Transaction Structures

  • Distressed Situations, Corporate Divestitures, Recapitalizations, Family Successions, Unique Situations.

Compelling Value Proposition

  • The product offering meets a strong and unique, well-founded need.

Clear and Identifiable Business Model

  • It must be clear how the business is going to generate material value and withstand challenges.

Competitive Advantage

  • Competitive advantage must be identifiable and sustainable with a strong brand, solid market position, defendable intellectual property and/or cost advantages.

Investment Term

  • Long-term sustainability, investment term up to 10 years with subsequent exit through sale, share re-purchase, initial public offering, or recapitalization.

Industry Focus

Elgner Group will invest in a wide range of businesses in the lower end of the middle market. We have a unique interest in distressed operations where we can utilize our experience and industry network to create value.

Although our background extensively comes from the automotive sector, we have the flexibility and the capability to take advantage of attractive market opportunities across many industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Real Property
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation
  • Capital Equipment
  • Distribution